Government Support

One of the challenges that faces South Africa is to develop an inclusive economy which is shared by all people of South Africa.  We cannot continue blaming each other as South Africans about who has done what to whom.  We have to move forward as a collective.  Failure to have an inclusive economy is a time bomb which threatens the future stability of the country.

Around 2006 and 2008 he got to hear of governments support through land recapitalization.  This program identified competent and capable black people who wanted to pursue farming.  Velaphi applied and toward the end of 2010 was allocated a farm in the Vredefort area.

It is against this imperative that the government has established the land recapitalization program.  Through this program, the government buys land from white framers and allocate such land to black potential farmers.

Upon allocation of the land the new black farmer is allocated an experienced white farmer as a mentor and advisor.  If a right mentor and a right black farmer are chosen, this is a good program that could move the transformation of agriculture forward.

The last leg of the program is to give the black farmer “start capital” to help him/her to acquire equipments and have some cash flow to operate the farm up to a period of five years.

Velaphi, was allocated a farm in Vredefort by Government through this program in late 2010 and early 2011.  He already had around 20 cattle which he had kept in Zeerust with his relatives.  The government helped him buy between 30 to 40 stud cattle.  He also bought further equipments that he needed to have the farm operational.