VelaRose Farm Operation

The name Vela Rose is a combination of the names of Velaphi and Rose.  When Velaphi started the farm he spent a lot of time choosing the appropriate breed.  He visited many farmers to learn and help identify the appropriate breed.  One of the people that played a critical role in helping Velaphi to choose the breed, was Mr Sakkie Kriel and Mrs Martie Kriel in Ottosdal.

The Kriel family are big and successful Simmental Stud Breeders.  Other people that influenced his decision was Petri Geldenhuys in Ventersdorp.  He is also a big influencial Simmental Stud Breeder.

In the end Velaphi choose Simmental as a breed and registered as a stud breeder.

The farm is successful and has multiplied more than tenfold from its humble beginnings. 

The farm has three full time employees and two casual workers.

Vision & Values


To operate a profitable and successful diversified farming operation that is ranked among the top five black private agricultural enterprises.


  • Long term profitability is corner stone of our operation.
  • Honest hard work in everything we do is critical.
  • Self-reliance and maintenance is key to our development.
  • True transformation whilst partnering with established farmers and customers is our unique proposition.
  • Giving back to communities in which we operate is paramount to building our brand.


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